Why Work With Antics?

We work with marketers and product leaders to create groundbreaking digital programs and solutions. Our team is smart, skilled, fast, creative, and professional, with significant experience in the Technology, Life Sciences, Consumer Product, Financial and Professional Services sectors.

Over 20 years, we’ve developed a culture of creative learning, design thinking, rapid prototyping, and flexibility. That’s how we stay on top of changing markets and an evolving digital landscape.

Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing

We help our clients launch products, understand their customers better, create new ways to connect with them, build ongoing retention strategies, gain new levels of visibility, automate rewarding experiences, and tie together multi-channel data.

We have experience marketing to patients, nurses, physicians, women, Moms, millennials, grandparents, geeks, executives, business professionals, manufacturers, and gamers.

Custom Digital Solutions

We use and create technology to approach business challenges in new ways. From sales tools to point of sale systems, cause marketing to crowdfunding, our custom solutions take advantage of data to enable unique customer experiences and new selling models.

When applicable, we use the proprietary Antics DMS platform to speed development, using its flexible design to create custom solutions without custom code.

Our Work

With a relentless focus on quality, we help our clients craft innovative campaigns, programs and solutions to capture, engage and retain more customers.

Our Clients

We’ve had the pleasure of working with people who create innovative new businesses, market-leading brands and enduring customer relationships. We’re proud of our experience and thrive on the successes we’ve helped enable.


Adept Technologies
Alta Devices
Brio Technology
Greenroad Systems
Kaspersky Lab
Omron Corporation
Simeio Solutions
Sun Microsystems


Actavis Pharmaceuticals
Tanvex BioPharma
Telomere Diagnostics
Watson Pharmaceuticals


North Highland
Onset Ventures
Precision Discovery


Lycos Communications
Netscape Communications

Nothing is so contagious
as enthusiasm.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Just a few enthusiastic words from our clients:

“We are thrilled on all counts — the thinking, the creative, the production, the process, and most especially our account team. We are so excited about how well we are doing! Thanks for all of the support in making the brand a success.”

“I can’t thank you and your amazing team enough. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. To the entire team whose thought-prints are all over our campaigns — thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“I just wanted to pass along that my team mentioned to me that Antics is such a great vendor that working with Antics not only takes a lot of pressure off of them, but Antics helps guide them where they need help. Thanks for being so great!!”

“Thanks for a job really well done. Of course we loved all of the creativity you brought to the design of our new Web site. But what I really appreciated was your efficiency and professionalism, and in particular your friendliness, throughout the entire project. Needless to say, I was very impressed by the caliber of your work and truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you.”

“Thanks for a job really well done. Of course we loved all of the creativity you brought to the design of our new Web site. But what I really appreciated was your efficiency and professionalism, and in particular your friendliness, throughout the entire project. Needless to say, I was very impressed by the caliber of your work and truly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you.”

Our Services

We combine strategy, creativity, and technology to produce transformative digital experiences that fuel business growth. Our spectrum of services ranges from promotion and conversion to retention and loyalty, enabled by smart strategic thinking and creative use of technology.


Strategic Planning

Messaging & Positioning

Thought Leadership

Media & Promotion

Digital Experience Design


Campaign Creative

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Loyalty & Retention

Digital Communications


Campaign Management

Web Design / Development

App Design / Development

Sales Enablement Tools

Automation & Custom Software

We're a team of thinkers, designers, builders and do-ers. We get a kick out of problem solving, and take pride in balancing innovation and experience to enable high-performing marketing.

Follow our blog to learn more about how we think, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

Meet the
Antics Management Team

Charlie Ogden

Charles OgdenCo-founder & CEO

Charlie has designed strategic, innovative marketing programs for more than 20 years. From one of the first full-digital strategies for a Fortune 500 to the world’s first social cause marketing program for Pharma, he has helped Antics’ clients think in new ways about marketing, and brings a collaborative business savvy to the table. Ask him, and he’ll tell you how his degree in mechanical engineering and product design applies to strategic marketing — as does his experience designing and marketing toys, video games, multimedia device networks, making wine, and playing piano.

Kevin Welsh

Kevin WelshCo-founder, CTO & Creative Director

What may seem the world’s most incongruous title is in fact the world’s most concise biographical sketch. With degrees in business, film, video, and communications, and a multi-decade education in software development, Kevin is equally at home synthesizing marketing messages as he is designing software systems. He believes deeply that designing new technology is a creative pursuit on par with developing the big creative idea for a brand launch. Part accomplished pilot, part burgeoning chef, Kevin’s hobbies reflect his passion for combining the analytical with the creative.

Kathryn Lewis

Kathryn LewisStrategic Planning

In addition to many years of agency management, Kathryn has created go-to-market strategies, messaging platforms, and copy content for a wide range of clients including Actavis, Adobe, KPMG, Paypal, Visa, and more. Her three advanced degrees in Comparative Literature attest to her love of words and language. Kathryn plays a mean game of Scrabble.

Ryan Sinnock

Ryan SinnockGroup Account Director

Having designed digital experiences over the last two decades — as technologies moved from 16-bit game consoles to mobile phones — Ryan has experienced digital evolution in a way that few people have. Ryan has helped our clients manage global communication programs, create mobile apps to connect point-of-sale systems, launch websites and promotional campaigns and architect data-driven sales tools. His recent work, combined with prior experience in the videogame industry, has helped him hone the technique of balancing art and function in designing user interactions.

Maggie Kim

Maggie KimGroup Account Director

Leading our client services practice for Life Science, Maggie is one of those rare people who deftly combines her degree in Biology with her passion for design and prowess in communication. Equal parts strategy, creative, and execution, Maggie’s role at Antics has been distinguished by an ability to launch brands, guide creative, manage promotions, and create digital tools. Knowing that her dog outweighs her 2:1 helps us understand her ability to advise and guide without being overly forceful. Not only that, but Maggie is a perennial winner of our best-dressed-at-the-office award, a fitting achievement for someone who can design and manufacture her entire wardrobe.

Antics DMS Step up to real-time data-driven marketing

Antics Digital Marketing System™ (DMS) is our data-driven marketing cloud platform, built for rapid deployment. It enables us to create remarkably sophisticated experiences in far less time and at much lower costs, from simple lead generation campaigns to multi-channel relationship marketing and loyalty programs.

Many organizations cobble together six, seven or more systems to do what Antics DMS™ gives you in one: web hosting, content management, landing pages, surveys, dynamic content, page analytics, click tracking, email, SMS text messaging, loyalty and rewards, lead tracking, A/B testing, single and social sign-on, refer-a-friend, and more.

Antics DMS offers real-time segmentation, personalization, messaging and analytics – powerful capabilities you can't get using separate siloed systems.

Learn more at anticsdms.com

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