Step up to the next level of patient engagement and support

Create compelling and effective omnichannel patient engagement, education, communication and support experiences, automated and customized for each patient across the entire treatment journey.

Unify the patient experience

Eliminate blind spots by connecting multiple patient touchpoints: websites, mobile apps, HUB vendors, call centers, point-of-sale systems, reimbursement vendors and more. Patients get a consistent experience and you get a more complete picture of their activity.

Customize intelligently

PatientHERO behavior-based automation lets you customize the experience for each patient in real time in websites, portals, mobile apps, surveys, emails and text messages based on their interactions across all touchpoints.

Time perfectly

Send refill reminders to a caregiver. Notify a patient's support rep if an Rx isn't filled. Customize a form even as a patient is filling it out to ask more relevant questions. Proactively reach out before common drop-off points — all automatically.

Optimize performance

PatientHERO real-time segmentation intelligence, progressive profiling and data insights improve targeting, boost the effectiveness of messaging and improve the performance of your marketing and promotional initiatives.

Start fast

PatientHERO is a complete solution, a combination of software and services designed to make it fast and easy to launch remarkably compelling and effective patient experiences. We can handle everything, or support your internal teams or agencies.

Stand out

Skip the cookie-cutter experiences. PatientHERO makes implementing custom functionality and integrating with other systems a snap. You get a truly unique solution — without costly software development.

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Put patients first — and everyone wins

What can a PatientHERO solution do for you?

  • Increase patient value. Integrate, digitize and increase enrollment in your patient support program to drive better outcomes, increase retention and optimize lifetime patient value.
  • Improve patient outcomes. Relevant, personalized and timely HIPAA-compliant interactions and content increase patient understanding, adherence and compliance — all at scale.
  • Build trust. Develop and enhance patient trust and satisfaction with ongoing, on-target content, services and communication.
  • Capture insights. Engage interactively to acquire deeper understanding of your audiences. Learn more about your patients and their experience with your product.
  • Leverage investment. Bridge marketing and patient support initiatives to get more value from your marketing dollar. Integrate data with your hub, sales or other platforms to make it more actionable and your operations more effective. Improve your ROI across the board.
  • Build brand. Take advantage of an experienced professional services team to add value to your brand. We’ll help you plan, execute, maintain and optimize a program with high ROI.

Customized for your unique needs

One size does not fit all. Your PatientHERO solution can be easily customized to meet your unique needs. Tailor your program to differentiate your brand and boost patient preference. Here are just a few examples:

Going Green

We learned that many patients who give themselves regular infusions were unhappy with the volume of medical waste that results. We added a recycling feature to the patient support program, integrating with a medical waste vendor who collects the waste and recycles it, turning it into energy. A win for patients, for the brand and for the planet.

There’s an App for That

To meet unfilled patient needs we have created customized mobile apps including a body tracker for women using an oral contraceptive and an infusion tracker for people who need regular infusions. Keep compliance and therapy on track with mobile app support.

Practice Assist

For eye care professionals, we created an online patient instruction sheet app to streamline and support patient care and business operations. Healthcare providers simply sign into the app and easily create instruction sheets for their patients. Well begun is half done.

About us

For more than 20 years, Antics has been designing and building unique, engaging and effective solutions for leading companies, including Octapharma, Bausch + Lomb, Actavis Pharmaceuticals, Watson Pharmaceuticals and Celgene. Our years of experience working in pharma means we understand the challenges and the nuances of this regulated industry — as well as the opportunities there are to seize.

We’re a team of thinkers, designers, builders and do-ers. We get a kick out of problem solving, and take pride in balancing innovation and experience to enable high-performing marketing.

We developed PatientHERO to help our clients transform their patient marketing and engagement without the need for costly, lengthy and risky custom software projects. PatientHERO solutions are designed for speed and flexibility. Your program can be customized to your brand and the needs of your team and stakeholders quickly and easily. You can hit the ground running.

Here are a few PatientHERO success stories.

Is yours next?


IgCares is a support and education program for people living with primary immunodeficiency (PI). Patients enroll through the program's PatientHERO powered website or mobile app. Once enrolled, they have access to support services including copay and benefits investigation, nurse educators, an infusion tracking app, a medical waste recycling program and a wealth of educational material. Educational resources are segmented by stages of the patient journey and presented to patients as their needs change. The PatientHERO charitable donation feature helps keep patients engaged and elevates brand affinity. Enrollment and engagement metrics are particularly strong.

Factor My Way

Factor My Way is a support and education program for people living with, or caring for, someone with a bleeding disorder. PatientHERO delivers robust content, including educational materials and information about events, via the program website, emails and text messages. The program serves patients with multiple conditions, providing access to professional and peer support personnel, financial assistance and therapy support. PatientHERO automatically updates multiple audience segments in real time, each receiving tailored — and personalized — content and communications. Factor My Way has been extremely popular and successful.


Iact4women is a consumer education and engagement program for patients using an oral contraceptive. The program includes a body tracker app that also provides access to educational content, engaging quizzes and participatory activities that allow patients to earn and help direct the manufacturer’s charitable donations to specific organizations. PatientHERO tracks refills and refill rates, and delivers intervention communications to patients who may have forgotten to maintain compliance in any month. Popular with patients, this successful program has hundreds of thousands of members and has established brand differentiation in a crowded market.

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